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Bill Parisi, founder of Parisi Franchise Systems, Inc. has been developing successful techniques to improve speed and agility in young athletes for over 20 years. In 2005, Bill started franchising the Parisi Speed School and his proven methodology. Since that time the network has grown to over 90 locations in 31 states across the US as well as several locations internationally.
OnDeck Measurements is the recognized national leader in softball athletic testing measurables used by serious softball athletes across the country. In the fastpitch world, OnDeck Measurements or ODM is the recognized authority in objective measurables - comprehensive raw softball athletic data. The individual objective scores, along with the corresponding Allister Index (AI) that is generated from those scores using a proprietary algorithm, have become the most important objective statistical measurements in the area of player assessment, self-evaluation, and player development.
SportsBoard streamlines player assessment processes for nearly 350 NCAA programs, IMG Academy, US Women’s Soccer, First Tee Golf, Premier Girls Fastpitch, Triple Crown Sports and USA Archery. Iconic collegiate coaching staffs include UCLA, Stanford, North Carolina, Florida, Duke, Memphis, Kentucky, Michigan, Cal, Georgetown, Harvard, Yale and many more, with over 80 national championships to their credit. All of these customers, and more, are using SportsBoard to gain a competitive advantage in recruiting, season, camps, and strength & conditioning.

POCKETRADAR offers revolutionary radar gun that is smaller than an iPhone and is used for measuring throwing speeds, batted ball exit speeds, shooting speeds. Zybek Sports PowerPack is now compatible with Pocket Radar.

Uesaka Barbell Company has always been an innovator with the design and function of its products. It is the first barbell company to receive an international trademark of its two piece center hub construction design.