Zybek Sports

Full PowerDash/PowerPack Cable Replacement Sets



Damaged or lost your essential PowerDash or PowerPack Cabling? Look no further!  Only our certified quality Ethernet cables carry our FailSafe™ functionality guarantee, backed by the most brutal testing we could think of: use in the field. We aren't nice to any part of our prototype systems, because you shouldn't have to be. This means even the cables don't escape the death gaze of our R&D department before these systems make it to the shelf. We know that you bravely step onto the field on combine day with hundreds of athletes looking to you for the most accurate and reliable testing possible, and equipment failure is not acceptable. We have abused every individual part of every system we've ever developed, to find the weak links and eradicate them for good.  As an added bonus, each cable extension set comes with our tried-and-true cable reels, for easy teardown and storage of your PowerDash cable sets. 

Don't settle for less.


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