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This revolutionary product offers a unique blend between the feel and range of motion of free weights with the safety and support of a machine. Redesigned to provide for storage in facilities with limited space (2.5' x 4' base), thePowerBlaster Platinum is an ENTIRE WEIGHT ROOM in a portable, compact footprint. PowerBlaster is a Core Conditioning System!

Key Features:

  • PowerBlaster Platinum utilizes a pivot rotational system allowing for a full 360-degree range of motion
  • Develop explosiveness through dynamic strength and power moves
  • Incorporate both unilateral and bilateral movements through specific sport exercises
  • Small footprint (2.5' x 4') accommodates any athletic program aiming to maximize their facility space
  • PowerBlaster Platinum allows exercises to be performed with optimized angles of engagement following converging and diverging arcs of motion
  • Encourages excellent form and technique for younger athletes aiming to develop their performance capacity
  • 3 unique upgrade packages offer further value, accommodating even the most ambitious athlete
PowerBlaster Platinum by Zybek Athletic Products is a unique weight lifting machine designed specifically to help promote strength and power in all athletes. Its incredibly simple, yet innovative pivot rotational system allows for a full 360-degree range of motion, allowing the user to engage multiple muscles, core power and balance during each exercise. This helps the athlete develop individualized exercises to gain explosive strength and power through unilateral and bilateral movements that are essential in all sports and everyday life. The PowerBlaster Platinumallows exercises to be performed with optimized angles of engagement following converging and diverging arcs of motion. The PowerBlaster Platinum includes the following upgrade packages: 
  1. Pull-up Bar for regular pull-ups, chin-ups or bench press
  2. 3-inch bars form a Push or Pull Sled to incorporate resistance training into your workout.
  3. Resistance Bands are also another option and prove to be an essential part of this training apparatus. The stretch bands allow one to work explosive motions under constant tension, maximizing his/her strength potential. Stretch bands are also great for your own customized workout.
PowerBlaster incorporates standard weight plates. Weight plates not included with this product. Weight: 110lbs.
Prices do not include shipping and handling charges, which are additional and based on total order weight.

Made in USA

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