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General Information:

The PowerPack is Zybek's latest athletic timing system. Used at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine, the PowerPack is truly the new standard for athletic timing. The Pro series includes all of our current technologies for testing and timing athletes. Improved functionality and aesthetics contribute to ease of use and accuracy of timing. Designed for the 40-yard dash, 100-yard dash and other short distance events, it delivers repeatable precision for explosive speed testing. Utilizing Zybek Sport's Position Start1 technology™ (with MotionStart™ and manual start attachments offered separately), the system records multiple splits (2) during the run, plus the finish time, and allows flexibility in capturing splits at any predetermined distances. Results are displayed and stored in real time on the included laptop. A USB camera captures multiple images, allowing for "after the fact" viewing of the athletes start position and initial motions. Compare the 1X 2X 3X and PowerPack.

Key Features:

  • F.A.T.(fully automated timing) removes human reaction error; standardizing athlete performance measurement and comparison
  • All times are accurate to .001 second (one thousandth of a second)
  • Captures and displays total time plus 2 additional splits(displayed on laptop) - times can also be displayed on a secondary monitor for spectator viewing
  • Reports created for storage & review
  • Captures images of athlete start via USB webcam
  • One touch reset between athlete runs
  • Simple set up and break down, no tools required
  • Slim, industrial strength design
  • Includes PositionStart1™ technology
  • The timing unit, laptop, sensors and reflectors for the PowerPack system come in an attractive/protective carrying case

 The PowerPack Pro includes:

  • 1 x Timing Unit
  • 1 x Laptop Computer with Timing program pre-installed.
  • 6 x Sensors
  • 6 x Reflectors
  • 8 x Towers
  • 2 x Position Start mounts(sensor/reflector included)
  • Indicator Light Bar (for RAT test)
  • USB Camera (Attaches to Light Bar for RAT test or to tripod for start position image capture)
  • 1 x 10 yd Cable
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 4 x 10 yd Cables
  • 3 x Cable Interconnectors
  • Carrying Case
  • Users Manual

Optional Accessories & Services:

  • Combine Report
  • Motion Starter2
  • Manual Starter3
  • Cable Lengths
  • Cable Spool
  • Force Plate:  Measures force applied to the ground during weight-lifting.  From the force measurement, the Power is calculated.  The athlete / coach has real-time feedback on a monitor that shows when fatigue has set in and a measure of explosive energy.  Also, an integrated Heart Rate monitor graphs the heart rate response to the power output – real-time.  displays percentage of load on left v. right foot; can be used for baseline testing; etc.
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Using the same PowerPack, the heart-rate is graphed real-time v. speed / distance on a treadmill.   Most heart rate monitors allow the data to be downloaded / analyzed / etc.  But there have been very few methods to correlate this to an athlete’s power output.  These products close the loop. 


Tripods come in separate, easy carry totes. Cables come pre-rolled.


1Zybek Sports’ PositionStart™ technology, when used in conjunction with exact distance measurements, provides complete accuracy and repeatability in timing. It removes all human reaction error/bias, starting the time upon the athlete leaving the Position Start™ beam.




2Zybek Sports’ MotionStart™ technology allows coaches and athletes to start the clock when an athlete moves in front of the sensor. Place this Motion Start sensor anywhere to start the time. The Motion Start technology can be used to capture a snapshot of an athlete’s speed or acceleration during a longer run.  To order your system with the additional MotionStart™ technology, please visit the catalog or call (800-370-5819 ext.1).




3Zybek Sports also offers a manual start option to allow the system to be started with a hand trigger. To order, please visit the catalog or call (800-370-5819 ext.1).




Prices do not include shipping and handling charges, which are additional and based on total order weight.


Zybek stands tall behind our products. Under normal use circumstances, all products and components are covered against mechanical failure with an implied 90 day free of charge guarantee(return shipping to be paid by customer). Damages inflicted by the user are not covered.


Proudly Made in the USA


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